Psychosocial benefits of summer camp

Teachers have major responsibility of preparing students for summer camps. It is very important to prepare them in advance for summer camp activities. If any kid attending camp for the first time, he or she may be feeling nervous, so teachers should make them feel comfortable. Visiting summer camp is big decision for some children and parents, prior preparation can make everyone feel comfortable.

From many studies this has been proven that benefits of summer camp helps children with chronic illness or disability. Children are more comfortable in spending time with other children of their own age, doing activities with more fun and energy. Important benefits of summer camps are increased self reliance and independence.for further details, visit :

Understanding own abilities

In summer camps group of likeminded kids are taking part in an organized way. This encourages many kids with lacking confidence to experience their own abilities. They will encouraged by prevailing experience in summer camps to join other kids and surprising themselves. Those kids who normally don’t consider themselves center of attraction suddenly stood up in front of an audience.

Psychosocial benefits of summer camp

Understanding own abilities in as important as compare oneself to others. However this again can have negative impact when we compare ourselves to someone perfection, but comparing oneself to others is a very powerful tool in making feel normal, valuable and skillful. click here for more details.

Self-reliance and independence

Picking themselves up dusting off, stop crying on your own without parents or sibling is an essential life lesson for every child. Soon children learn to move on, without the support of parents, ready to lead the battle once again. Some of children might call their mom; some may ask to go home first day. But they surely return next morning, fully recharged, leaving behind their parents for more important things to consider.